The origins of FRIDA Restaurant date back several decades, to the cooking and traditions of the central valley of Mexico. It is from here where its founder, Vicente Del Rio, was born and raised, and where he learned and obtained an appreciation of the spices, sauces and condiments that form the basis of traditional Mexican cuisine. Upon his arrival to southern California, which has one of the largest concentrations of Hispanics in the world, he was surprised at the lack of truly authentic, traditional Mexican food. As a result, he created FRIDA Restaurant, which opened its doors to the public for the first time in the heart of Beverly Hills.

FRIDA Restaurant was created with the purpose of serving authentic, traditional, Mexican food, in an environment consistent with its Mexican traditions. It's main objective was, and always will be, to satisfy its clientele by creating and serving a variety of typical Mexican dishes, in a warm atmosphere, with the best costumer service possible. The tremendous positive response from the regular and loyal clientele that FRIDA Restaurant created, turned it into one of Beverly Hills' most charming and successful restaurants to date.

As a result, the group behind FRIDA Restaurant, decided to expand and opened three very different locations, but with the same concept in mind. FRIDA TACOS at the Brentwood County Mart (a local landmark since 1948), was created as a traditional, typical Mexican Taqueria, which serves the same high quality and authentic Mexican food, in a friendly environment, as well as the Melrose location. The lastest FRIDA TACO was open in winter 2012 at the Westside Pavilion. Frida Glendale, at The Americana at Brand development, combining tradition, hospitality and festivity.

Each one of these establishments is very different in terms of its physical shape and location, but they all share the same concept and goal: to serve high quality, authentic Mexican cuisine, with the best costumer service possible. For Frida Restaurant the costumers are its top priority, and it's commitment is to provide them with a memorable dining experience.